Cyclone and Anticyclone


Cyclone and Anticyclone

It is the atmospheric disturbance in which the air pressure decreases at a particular location (Low pressure at centre) and there is a wind movement towards centre.
A system of close isobars with the lowest pressure at the centre is called as cyclone.

The pressure gradient force and carioles force cause air, flow in cycle to be spurning convergent system.  In the northern hemisphere the direction of rotation of cyclone is antilock wise while in the southern hemisphere it is clockwise. Cyclones are also known as Lows or press ions.  The velocity of wind in cyclone is more than 34 knots.

When there is a area of high pressure at centre, the flow of air starts from centre to outer side.
A system of closed isobars with highest pressure at centre is known as anticyclone.

The air flow has spiraling divergent system so that it moves obliquely across isobars away form centre.  The direction of rotation of antic clones in the northern hemisphere is clock wise while in southern hemisphere it is antilock wise.  These are known as “Hights.”

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