Cultivation of Fenugreek or Methi (Trigonellia foenumgrccum)


Cultivation of Fenugreek or Methi (Trigonellia foenumgrccum)

Botanical Name:

Trigonellia foenumgrccum L.



Local Name:

Methi- Hindi. Venthayam- Malayam.

Fenugreek is used as vegetables as well as pulse. The leaves and young pods are used as vegetable and the seed as condiments.
It has also some medicinal value. It prevents constipation removes indigestion stimulates the speen and is appetizing and diuretic. The leaves are quite rich in protein minerals and Vitamin C.


Fenugreek is cool season crop. It is fairly tolerant to frost. Common methi is growing and produces upright shoots whereas kasurimethi is slow growing and produces upright shoots whereas Kasurimethi is slow growing initially and remains in a rosette condition during most of its vegetative periods.

Soil and its Preparation:

Fenugreek can be grown on any type of soil, but loamy soils are best suited for its cultivation. The soil should be free bad drainage. The land should be prepared thoroughly.

Seed and Sowing:

For leafy vegetables methi is sown from middle of September to middle of March. The seed rate per hectare is 25 kg. Soil is thoroughly prepared before sowing. Flat beds of convenient size should be prepared. Seeds are sown by broadcasting but line sowing at a distance of 25 cm. facilitates weeding and intercultural operation.


30 to 50 cart loads FYM should be applied at the time of soil preparation. 50 kg n/ha should be applied. ½ dose of N should be given at the time of sowing. Remaining ½ doses is again divided in low equal dose which are given at the time of first and second harvesting.

After Care:

One or two weeding may be given during early stages of growth. Soil should contain sufficient moisture. The first irrigation is given just after sowing. And subsequent irrigation are given are given at seven to ten days interval.

Harvesting and Yield:

Normally common methi leaves are nipped 2 cm above ground after 3- 4 weeks of sowing. In general 2-3 cutting are taken. When plant is uprooted crop is boundled and marketed.


Kasuri, pusa, Early, punching type, Methi No- 47, No- 14, EC- 4911 are the important varieties of methi.

Pusa early bunching is early cultivar, it is a common methi. It takes about 125 days for its seed maturity. Methi No.47 and Methi No.14 are high yielding varieties released by Maharashtra Department of Agriculture.

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