Cultivation of Cluster Bean or Guar (Cyamous tetragocalobe)


Cultivation of Cluster Bean or Guar (Cyamous tetragocalobe)

Botanical Name:

Cyamous tetragocalobe L. Taub



Cluster bean is grown for green vegetables and dry pods, and also as forage crop and green maturing crop. It is cultivated in many parts of India; some of its varieties are used for extraction of gum.


Cluster bean is essentially a warm season crop and grows well in summer as well as rainy season crop. It is very hardy crop and relatively resistant top drought.

Soil and its Preparation:

Cluster bean can be grown on all types of soil. But well drained sandy loam soil is best suited for it. The land should be well prepared by repeated ploughing.

Sowing of Seeds:

a) Time of Sowing:

Early crop is sown from February n- march and the main crop is sown with advent of monsoon, at the end of June or in beginning of July . in certain area. Sowing is extended to September- October.

b) Seed Rate:

The seed rate is 5 to 8 kg/ ha.

c) Layout and Spacing:

In layout flat bed and spacing 60 X 30 cm is recommended by P.K.V. Akola.


30 to 50 cartload should be applied at the time of soil preparation. 25 kg N, 50 kg P and 50 kg k/ha should be applied ½ dose or full dose P and K should be applied at the sowing. Remaining half nitrogen applied one month after sowing.

Interculture operation:

2- 3 weddings are required for control of weeds. Spraying insecticides and fungicides from time to time for control of insect peat and diseases.


Irrigation should be given in early sown cluster bean whence it is necessary. There is on need for irrigation for rainy season crop.


The green pods for vegetable purposes are harvested from the plant by twisting or by cutting, when the attain the marketable sage. Harvesting or picking of green pods is continued over a considerably long because they continue arising as the plant grows.


The yield of green pods varies from 40 to 60 q/ha.


Pusa Mausmi (suitable for growing only as rainy season crop), Pusa sadabahar and Pusa Naubahar (suitable) for growing as a summer crop and rainy season crop) etc.

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