Constrains in the adoption of Biocontrol (Limitations)


Constrains in the adoption of Biocontrol (Limitations)

Biocontrol is slow process and takes little more time to achieve control of crop pests. The possible constrains are:

A) At farmer’s Level:

1. Non availability of biotic agents for field application timely.
2. Illiteracy among farmer as they have no access to new technologies to read.
3. Small holdings may cause migration of bioagent.
4. Inclination towards use of chemical pesticides.
5. Non availability of popular literature.
6. Population lacking.

B) At Government Level:

1 Relatively less attention to Biocontrol projects than chemical industries.
2. Importation of biotic agents.
3. Mass production of biotic agents limited techniques for indigenous and exotic use.
4. Field Utilization of biotic agents.
5. Integration of bioagent with pesticides.
6. Laboratory evaluation of biotic agents and their field efficiency.
7. Transfer of technology requires more attention.

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