Collections of Insects


Collections of Insects

Insects are Required to be Collected for Following Purposes:

1. To know the pest occurrence of the locality.
2. To study the taxonomic characters of the insects.
3. To send the specimens to different places for identification.
4. To keep different insects in museum.
5. To study the bionomics of pests.

I) Equipments Required for Insect Collection:


1. Insect collecting net
2. Insect killing bottle
3. Specimen tubes of various sizes
4. Forceps and hand lens
5. Insect store box
6. Insect rearing cages
7. Insect killing and preserving media
8. Insect setting boards/spreading board
9. Small hair brush
10. Aspirator

i. Hand net: The hand net with a handle nearly 2 ft in length having circular iron ring of 1 ft diameter attached to it. A collecting bag made up of ordinary mosquito netting cloth is attached to the iron ring.

ii. Aspirator: A glass tube is used for collecting small insects which is fitted with a rubber cork. A rubber cork is having two holes in which small tubes are fitted. Out of the small two tubes one is longer and another is shorter, which is used for sucking purpose and enclosed by other end by means of muslin cloth so as not to allow collected insects to escape. The other tube is further fitted with rubber tube which is used for collecting smaller sized insects.

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