Climate and Soil Requirement for Brinjal Cultivation


Climate and Soil Requirement for Brinjal Cultivation


1. It is a warm season crop and is very susceptible to frost.

2. Late round varieties are more tolerant of frost than the early long varieties. Cool nights and short summers are unfavorable to its satisfactory yields.

3. It requires a long growing season with the high average day and night temperatures. Its seed germinates well at 77 °F temperature.

4. A daily mean temperature of 13-210C is most favorable for successful production.

Soil and its Preparation:

1. Though it can be grown on different types of soils, yet it is grown with considerable success in fine and rich loam soils that are deep and well-drained.

2. The soil pH should not "be higher than pH 5.5 to 6.0 for its better growth and development. As the crop remains in the field for a number of months therefore, the soils should be well prepared by being ploughed 4-5 times before transplanting the seedlings. When the field is well prepared and leveled, the beds of suitable size are made in the field before transplanting.

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