Classification Of Manures And Fertilizers


Classification Of Manures And Fertilizers

Manures and fertilizers may be: 
1. Natural or
2. Artificial.

1. Natural Or Organic Manures: Natural manures are those which are bulky in nature and supply nutrients in small quantities and organic matter in large quantities.
These are two types:

1. Bulky organic and
2. Concentrated org. manures.

1. Bulky OM: These are those which contain small percentage of nutrients and are applied in large quantities. E.g.: Farm Yard Manure (FYM), compost, Night soil, sludge and sewage, sheep and goat manure (Folding), Poultry dropping, Green manures, etc.

2. Concentrated OM: These are those which are organic in nature and contain higher percentage major plant nutrients like N, P and K as compared to bulky OM. These are made from  materials of animal and plant origin. The examples of manures of plant origin are oilseed cake which may be edible or non-edible. Edible oil seed cakes are Groundnut cake, Linseed cake, Sesamum cake, Safflower cake (decort). Non-edible oil seed cakes are castor cake, Neem cake, Safflower cake (undercoat). The examples of manures of animal origin are Bone meal, Fish meal, Meat meal and blood meal.

A. Bulky Organic Manures:

a) Farm Yard Manure (FYM): FYM  is a mixture of cattle dung, urine, litter or bedding material, portion of fodder not consumed by cattle and other domestic wastes like ashes, etc. collected and dumped into a pit or a heap in the corner of the back yard. Or

FYM refers to the decomposed mixture of dung and urine of farm animals along with the litter (bedding material) and left over material from roughages or fodder fed the cattle.

Because of the varied nature of the material, the composition of the manure itself varies widely but on an average well rotted FYM contains 0.5% N, 0.2%, P2O5 and 0.5% K2O. It also influences by various factors.

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