Classification of Horticultural Crops Based on Season


Classification of Horticultural Crops Based on Season

Horticultural crops are also classified according to the season in which they grow best. In our country we have three main season.

i) The Summer season, which starts from March and lasts upto May.

ii) The rainy season from June to October and

iii) The winter season from November to February.

Rainy season crops are known as "Kharif" crops. These crops come up best when sown with the onset of monsoon in May, June. Vegetables like Snake gourd, Lady’s finger, Chilies and Beans comes under the category.

Lupines are known as "Rabi crops". They are generally sown October, November.

Only a few annual crops thrive in the warm summer months between March and June in the plains. Leafy vegetables, cluster beans, Brinjal, Cucumber, and Gourds are the common summer vegetables. The popular summer season Sunflowers, Cooks comb, Rose, Zinnia etc. There are some vegetables like tomato, brinjal, beans and flowers like which grow all the year count, but they come up best when there is optimum season.

The yield of a crop is also dependent upon the time of sowing. Crops which are sown under rain fed conditions are entirely dependent on rain fed conditions for their survival and growth and therefore, have to be sown just at the right time. Any delay in sowing causes great harm to rain fed crops. Even crops like sunhemp yield their best when sown in a particular optimum season and give even half the normal yield if sown in the strong season

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