Classification of Herbicide Based on Chemical Nature or Composition


Classification of Herbicide Based on Chemical Nature or Composition

Compounds having chemical affinities are grouped together. This is useful in liting and characterising herbicides.

i) Inorganic Herbicides:

Contain no carbon actions in their molecules. These were the first chemicals used for weed control before the introduction of the organic compounds, example are:

a) Acids:

Arsenic acid, arsenious acid, arsenic trioxide sulphuric acid.

b) Salts:

Borax, copper sulphate, ammonium sulphate, Na chlorate , Na arsenite , copper nitrate.

ii) Organic Herbicides:

Oils and non oils contain carbon and hydrogen in their molecules.

a) Oils: Diesel oil, standard solvent, xylene-type, aromatic oils, polycyclic , aromatic oils etc.

b) Aliphatics:

Dalapon, TCA, Acrolein, Glyphosphate methyl bromide.

c) Amides:

Propanil, butachlor, alachlor, CDAA, Diphenamide, Naptalam, Propachlor.

d) Benzoics:

2,3,6 TBA, Diacamba, tricamba, chloramben, Fenac.

e) Bipyridyliums:

Paraquat , diquat.

f) Carbamates:

Propham, chloropham, barban.

g) Thocarbamates:

Butylate, dilate, triallate, EPTC, molinate, pebulate, vernolate, benthlocarb, aslum, cycolate.

h) Dithiocarbamates:

CDEC , Metham.

i) Nitralin ( Benzonitrates) :

Dichlobenil , bromoxynil, ioxynil.

j) Ditroanilines ( Toluidines) :

Benefin, nitralin, trifluralin, butralin, dinitramine, fluchlorine, oxyzalin, penoxalin.

k) Phenoxy:

2,4-D, 2,4 , 5-T, MCPB, 2,4-DB, 2,4- DP, 2,4 , 5-TP (silvex)

l) Triazines:

Atrazine, simazine, ametryne , terbuteryne, cyprazinc, Metribuzin, prometryn, propazine.

m) Ureas:

Monuron, diuron, fenuron, neburon, flumeturon, mothabenzathiazuron- buturon, chlorbromuron, chloroxuron, norea siduson, metoxuron.

n) Uracils:

Bromacil, terbacil, lenacil.

o) Diphenyl Ethers:

Nitrogen, flurodifen.

p) Organic Arsenicals:

Cacodlic acid, MSMA, DSMA.

q) Others:

Bentazon, Piclaram, Pyrazon, Pyrichlor, endothall, bensulphioe, MH, DCPA.

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