Classification of Agro-forestry System on Functional Basis


Classification of Agro-forestry System on Functional Basis

This classification based on the major function or role of the system. Mainly on the woody component, this can be as productive or protective.

a) Productive Functions:

i) Supply of Food:

The tree species in agroforestry mainly fruits and nuts can supply food to the increasing population. The fruit trees like Mango, Ber, Jackfruit, Jamun, Tamrind, Wood apple, Bael, Caronda can supply the food.

ii) Supply of Fodder:

 For 41 cores cattle to feed sufficient quantity of fodder is required which is supplemented by trees like Subabhul, Vilayti chinch, Hadga, Shevari, Neem etc.

iii) Supply of Fuel Wood:

 The species like Subabhul, Khair, Sissoo, Casurina etc. can supply the fuel wood required for cooking. Thus diverting the cow dung to agriculture.

iv) Supply of Timber:

 The agro-forestry can produce the timber wood in addition to the food grains by planting the trees like Teak wood, Eucalyptus, Silver oak, Sal, Arjun, Mohagoni. The timber wood is required for doors, windows, railway sleeper, furniture, poles and post for construction of bridges and for centring.

v) Other Products:

 A number of minor forest products like flower medicinal plants, fibre, floss.gum, lac, tannin, resin etc. are obtained and thus, flourish the small cottage industry there by increasing employment.

b) Protective Function:

Protecting and mentioning production systems

1) Wind break
2) Shelter belt
3) Soil conservation
4) Moisture Conservation
5) Soil improvement
6) Shade (from crop animal and man)

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