Chemical Weed Control in Orchards and Plantations


Chemical Weed Control in Orchards and Plantations

Grapes, mango, citrus, tea and coffee and rubber. Pre-planting treatment / pre-emergence application of Atrazine or Simazine @ 2 to 2.5 kg a .i/ha.

Post-emergence Treatment:

Glyphoste ( Glycel 41 or Roundup @ 1 to 3 kg a. i /ha as directed spray. Useful for control of annual , biennial and perennial weeds as it is translocated non selective herbicide. Or use paraquat @ 1 to 2 kg a.i /ha directed spray. Paraquat is non-selective contact herbicide. Therefore, it is useful for killing annual weeds and not so effective for perennial weeds.


Use glyphosate or paraquat as directed spray when the weeds are green, succulent and in active satge. Repeat the spray if required for control of perennial weeds.

In case of tea and coffee use simazine. Do not use atrazine.

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