Characteristics of Rural Life


Characteristics of Rural Life

Rural people are different from those in living in urban areas. The distinctive characteristics of rural life can easily be shown by comparing them with those of urban (city) life. The difference in cultures or subcultures of these two areas differences in attitude and behavior and perhaps in dress and dialect (language use in a region or area). The cities are large, impersonal and complex in social structure, while rural communities are small, intimate and simple in organization. Though there are differences, there are also common attitudes and behaviors that both rural and urban people share as a member of larger culture. Common elements between urban and rural life is:

1. Common language, literature, philosophy etc.

2. Common institutions like religion, education, family life business and political organizations etc.

Both rural and urban people have own characteristics.The characteristics of rural life can best and most easily recognized by comparing those or urban life. Following are the some rural – urban differences:

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