Characteristics of Joint Family


Characteristics of Joint Family

1. The head of family is its absolute rural.

2. The family owns a common property and the head of family is the trustee of the property.

3. The landed property is prevented from fragmentation. An agricultural family finds it economically profitable to sow larger lands using the lager manpower by joint family.

4. In a joint everyone is assured of meeting his basic minimum needs in turn everyone performs the work allotted to him by the head of family.

5. Commonality of place of living saves lot of expenses which would have otherwise to be made on houses rent of cost of constructing house and cost of the articles of daily use.

6. There is little chance of children going astray as there is always somebody to look after them, even when parents are away for work.

7. In a joint family every member has to do limited work. Everybody gets more time for recreation and leisure.

8. The family has clear-cut division of labor. The members do their work efficiently.

9. In rural India joint family is still considered a matter of pride.

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