Characteristics of Indian Rural Family


Characteristics of Indian Rural Family

1. The Rural Family is Patriarchal in Nature:

Father is head of the family. He shoulders the responsibility towards, government, societies etc. He possesses some authority and take all the decisions. He settles the marriages of other sub-ordinate members of the family and distributes the work. If father is not alive then mother or elder brother act as a head of family.

2. Rural Family is Orthodox in Nature:

They generally do not want to change their ways of behavior because of limited education, limited sources, and their occupation depending upon nature. They cannot afford to take risk and hence they follow the old ways of living.

3. Family Works as the Unit of Production and Unit of Consumption:

All the members of the family members work as a team. The adult family members carry out heavy and major operations in the field like ploughing, sowing, transplanting etc. while children help than in to field operations like  watching crops, looking after cattle, picking of fruits, harvesting of vegetables etc. Ladies also helps by carrying the meals to fields. Whatever produces family gets from farm is kept for his own consumption.

4. Dominance of Family Age:

In the rural area there notices what is known as feminization: The rural people are religious as well as family minded. They always think about the well being of the family. The family pervades in to all acts of individual members of family. They tries to protect food name of the family even with the biggest sacrifice. In Urban area people are less attached to the family. Familization is that act in which the name of the family pervades in to all action.

5. Rural Family is Joint Family:

This joint pattern is showing sends of breaking still however it is a common form in rural area.

6. Rural Family is Based on Peasant Households:

The family has also peasant neighborhood. All the neighbors of rural family are farmers. They always come in contact with each other and talk is generally cantered around the agriculture and alide subject.

7. Rural family is more homogenous, stable, integrated and organically functioning than urban family. The ties, bindings of the members of rural families for instance the husbands and wife parent and children are stronger and last longer than.

8. There is greater discipline and interdependence in the rural families.


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