Cause of Fruit Drop


Cause of Fruit Drop

1) Mechanical Causes:

Wind and hailstorm cause’s fruit drop.

2) Climatic Factor:

Climatic factors such as high temperature low humidity very low temperature, hasten the formation of abscission layer in the fruit stalk.

3) Physiological Factors:

Lack of available nitrogen and similar other nutritional factors may cause fruit drop. Fruit drops from weak shoots is more than from strong ones.

5) Pathological Factors:

Attack of pest and diseases will increase fruit drop.

6) Cultural Practices:

Deep ploughing during fruit development stage, excessive irrigation resulting bed aeration in soils lead to drop of fruits.

7) Varietal Factors:

Within a kind of fruit, the varieties differ among themselves in the extent of fruit drop.

8) Other Factors:

The shed is more of seedless fruits than of seeded ones. It is also said that cross pollinated fruits keep better on the tree than self pollinated fruits.

Younger plant shed more fruits than older ones probably owing to lack of nutritional reserves.

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