Botanical Name and Economic Uses of Pea


Botanical Name and Economic Uses of Pea

Local Name               :           Watana, Matar
Family                      :           Leguminoceae
Botanical Name          :           Pisum Sativum
Origin                       :           Europe and West Asia

Economic Uses of Pea:

1. Green pods of watana are fried with salt and seeds are eatern.
2. Matured seeds are used as vegetable or mixed in other food articles like pulav, mixed vegetables etc.
3. Husk and grinded seeds are fed to cattle.
4. It contains high percentage of digestible proteins, vit-A and vit-C.
5. It is also rich in minerals like Ca and P.
6. Peas are canned, frozen and dehydrated.
7. Seed are roasted with salt and turmeric powder and eaten as watanas.
8. It is also grown as mixed crop with oat and used as a fodder.

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