Botanical Name and Economic Uses of Onion


Botanical Name and Economic Uses of Onion

Local Name       :         Kanda, Pyaz

Family             :         Lillaceae

Botanical Name:         Allium cepa

Origin            :Middle Asia

Economic Uses:

1. Onion is the most important commercial spice crop grown in India and exported.
2. Onion leaves and immature bulbs are consumed as vegetable.
3. It is mixed in other vegetables and soups as spice and flavouring agent.
4. It contains vit. B and vit. C and minerals Ca and Fe.
5. It has medicinal properties and used against ear-ache, colicpain etc.
6. It is used for raw consumption.
7. It is used in making sauce, ketch-up and chutnee.
8. Dried onion chips and powder have great demand for export.
9. The bubs obtained during seed production are feed to cattle or poultry.

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