Botanical Name and Economic Uses of Lentil


Botanical Name and Economic Uses of Lentil

Local Name                 :           Masur
Family                        :           Leguminoceae
Botanical Name            :        Lens esculentum
Origin                         :       Between Hindukush and Himalaya mountains.

Economic Uses of Lentil:

1. It is mostly grown as pulse as and used in the form of dal.
2. Seeds are roasted and eaten.
3. Germinated seeds are used for preparation of usal.
4. Protein content is about 26% which is more than Tur, Udid, Mung and Gram.
5. Unripe pods are used as vegetable.
6. Dried husk, stalks and broken grain is used as cattle feed.
7. In Kashmir valley, it is grown for green manuring in paddy

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