Atmospheric Temperature


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Atmospheric Temperature


The degree of hotness is known as temperature increases.

Temperature is a fundamental elopement of climate from many points of view, the most important in controlling the distribution of life on the earth. Most of the weather elements are dependent on it, directly or indirectly.  Air of atmosphere receives the heat energy from the sun and its temperature increases. Due to different amount of heat energy receipt at different places, the air temperature at different places also vary.  The variation in air temperature basically results into air motion, so as to equalize the energy content of the different regions of the earth.  Thus temperature of air can be regarded as the basic cause for weather changes.

Qualification of Atmospheric Temperature:

Atmospheric temperature is continuously changing; it is never steady or constant for a long time.  Therefore quantification of atmospheric temperature is very important aspect.  The atmospheric temperature can be quantified in the following ways.

1. Maximum temperature:
It is the highest temperature attained by the atmosphere in diurnal variation.

2. Minimum temperature:
It is the lowest temperature attained by the at by the atmosphere in diurnal variation.

3. Average temperature:
It represents the average temperature condition of the atmosphere during 24 hours of the day.

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