Application of Callus Culture


Application of Callus Culture

1. The whole plant can be regenerated in large number from callus tissue through manipulation of the nutrient and hormonal constituents in the culture medium which is called as organogenesis or morphogenesis. Similarly, callus can be induce to form somatic embryo which can gives rise to whole plant.

2. Callus tissue is good source of genetic or karyotypic variability, so it may be possible to regenerate a plant from genetically variable cells of the callus tissue.

3. Cell suspension culture in moving liquid medium can be initiated from callus culture.

4. Callus culture is very useful to obtain commercially important secondary metabolites. If a bit tissue from a medicinally important plant is grown in vitro and produced callus culture, then secondary metabolites or drugs can be directly extracted from the callus tissues without sacrfting the whole plant.

5. Several biochemical assays can be performed from callus culture.

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