Agronomist – Role of Agronomist



An agronomist is called as an expert of agriculture except veterinary science. Also known as doctor of plant

Agronomist is a specialized scientist in agronomy, which deals with the science of utilizing plants for food, fuel, feed & fiber.

Agronomist are involved with many issues including food, feed & fuel production without impact on environmental.

Agronomist should be specializing in areas such as crop rotation, irrigation & drainage, planet breeding, soil science, weed control & disease & pest control.

Role of Agronomist:
1. Agronomist aims at an obtaining maximum production at minimum cost by exploiting the exploiting the knowledge developed by basic and allied/applied science.
2. In a board sense he is conceder with production of food and fiber to meet the needs of the growing population.
3. He has to test the suitability of research finding of others specialists in the field and accept them finally and also judge the reaction of the farming community.
4. He is a coordinator of different subject matter specialist and act as a physician who concern with other SMS.
5. He carries out research on scientific cultivation of crops taking into account the effect of factors like soil climate, variety of crops production techniques suitably depending on the situation.
6. He is person with working knowledge of all agril disciplines and coordinator of different subject matter specialists.       

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