Afforestation of Railway Line Sides


Afforestation of Railway Line Sides

There is over 45,000 km of railway line in our country. Many of the tracks are formed over embankments and or are in cuttings and plains. On either side of lines a narrow belt of 10 to 15 m of land is available for planting.

In summer it is highly excruciating to travel in the trains. The noise created by the trains unbearable. If tree growth is raised on these extensive belts, they will reduce the heat and the sound waves. In addition, the tree, growth prevents direct hit of rain on the tracks and embankments and prevents erosion. These tree lines will also act as shelter belts for the adjoining fields.

There is no possibility of irrigation or watering the trees along such vast tracks. Therefore, the species should be selected which can withstand the local rigors of the climate. Further, the soil along the track is highly variant. The species suggested are Agave, Sahooharum species and Ipmea species on embankments. In sandy and loamy soils Teak, Eugenia jambolana, Eucalyptus, Acacia arabica, Albizzia lebbek and Acacia auriculiforms can be planted. In saline soils Butea monosperms is advocated.

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