Advantages of Organic Farming


Advantages of Organic Farming

1. Organic manures produce optimal condition in the soil for high yields and good quality crops.

2. They supply the entire nutrient required by the plant (NPK, secondary and micronutrients).

3. They improve plant growth and physiological activities of plants.

4. They improve the soil physical properties such as granulation and good tilt, good giving good aeration easy rot penetration and improved water holding capacity.

5. They improve the soil chemical properties such as supply and retention of soil nutrient and promote favorable chemical reaction.

6. They reduce the need for purchased inputs.

7. Most of the organic manures are wastes of byproduct which accumulated load to pollution.

8. Organic fertilizer are considered as complete palnt food.

9. Organically grown crop are believed to provide more healthy and nationally superior food for man and animals that those grown with commercial fertilizers.

10 Organically grown plants are more resistant to disease and insect and hence only a few chemical sprays or other protective treatment are required.

11. There is an increasing consumer are willing to pay more for organic foods.

12. Organic farming helps to avoid chain reaction in the environment for chemical spray and dusts.

13. Organic farming helps to prevent environment degradation and can be used to regenerate degraded areas.

14. Since the basic aim is diversification of crops, much more secure income can be obtained that when they reply on only one crop or enterprise.

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