Advantage or Merits of Caste System


Advantage or Merits of Caste System

1. Preservation of Culture:

Caste system helped in preservation of culture and these were passed on from generation to generation.

2. Preservation of Purity:

Caste system, because of its endogenous nature, permitted marriage only within the caste and thus preserved purity of each caste.

3. Division of Labor:

Caste system required each individual to do the work prescribed for his caste, i.e. Brahmins job was to teach, Kshatriyas to fight war, Vaishyas to run trade and Shudras to serve other castes. This division of labor ensured smooth functioning of society.

4. Co-operation within Castes:

Caste system fastened cooperation with each caste. They co-operated with each other to preserve their culture and protect it from degradation by other castes.

5. Absence of Competition:

As social status was hereditary and no amount or personal accomplishments could change it, there was no competition to improve status. People, therefore, utilized their energies for general benefit of society rather than Personal advancement.

6. Panchayat System:

Panchayat system is an outcome of caste system. All disputes within a caste were referred to the caste Panchayat. Panchayats though secular in outlook exist even now in rural India.

7. Increased Professional Proficiency:

 Caste system helped in increasing proficiency in each vocation because accumulated experience of and store was handed over by father to son.

8. Healthy Social Life:

Caste system made people disciplined and co-operative. People carried out the duties assigned due to their caste with responsibility. There was social amity between members of same caste.

9. Protected the Society:

 Rigidity of our caste system was responsible for protecting our society from cultural invasion by alien societies.

10. Permanency and Continuity:

Each casts had a permanent body of constitutions to guide his social behaviors and action. The customs and beliefs were passed on from generation the generation. Thus caste system had permanency and continuity.

11. Improved Living Standards:

Each caste struggled hard to maintain and improve living standards of its members to retain its superiority over subordinate castes. This resulted in overall progress and prosperity.

12. Social Life Not Dependent on Political Conditions:

Caste system was predominantly influenced by religion. It was totally independent of prevailing political conditions and, therefore provided stability in society.

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