Intercultivator Manufacturing Commenced in India by KisanKraft Ltd


Founded 15 years ago, KisanKraft is one of the country’s first companies to manufacture Self-propelled Inter-cultivators or Power-weeders on a 46-acre campus in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh.

What are Intercultivators

In addition to weeding, turning, and mulching the soil, intercultivators are equipped with attachments for trenching, seeding, irrigating, harvesting, and more. KisanKraft plans to manufacture products of much higher quality at an affordable price for farmers instead of importing them from China currently.

Ravindra Agrawal, MD, KisanKraft Ltd. said, “For 15 years, KisanKraft has been focused on mechanization of small farmers to boost their productivity and incomes. We have constantly innovated to create equipment that meets the unique requirements of our small farmers. We have received 12 patents so far”.

A BIS-ISIS-certified engine, water pump, and intercultivator are now being manufactured at the Nellore facility. We manufacture a lot of components in this state-of-the-art facility, including an automated Powder Coating line designed with the latest technologies, which is ROHC compliant. In addition to reducing imports, we will also increase exports of farm equipment.

There are R&D plots on the 46-acre campus where new machines can be tested and developed.

“Being a market leader in this industry, the onus is on us to innovate and provide end-to-end solutions to the farmers as well as educate them about the newest technologies. As the government focuses on mechanization for small farmers to reduce dependency on seasonal labor shortages and increase cultivated area, small farmers need equipment that is simple, rugged, multipurpose, affordable, and easy to maintain”, said Ankit Chitalia, CEO of KisanKraft Limited..

About KisanKraft

In 2005, KisanKraft was founded with a vision to improve the livelihoods and quality of life of small & marginal farmers through service in every aspect of agriculture. As India’s only seed-to-harvest company, it serves the needs of small farmers throughout the entire process. Moreover, it is the sole company in India that manufactures intercultivators with its own components.

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