Busted! Top 5 Myths about Hydroponics Farming


The process of hydroponically growing crops involves growing them in water instead of soil. A plant’s roots are usually exposed as it grows as they are either fully or partially immersed directly into water or nutrient mixture, or are sprayed daily in some niche cases.

Hydroponic Agriculture is the subject of many rumors. It has been suggested that outside fresh air works much better for hydroponic plants. But the outside air is colder and could cause humidity, bugs, and temperature problems. Therefore, indoor air is much better and more conducive to growth.

Myths related to Hydroponics Agriculture:

The myth discussed above is one of many myths surrounding hydroponics. Let’s discuss more myths associated with the hydroponics farming Technology:

It’s a New Technology: Despite this, hydroponics is not a new technology. Possibly you have heard of the Hanging Gardens in Babylon, which were the first to use a hydroponic system. Apart from this, hydroponic systems were also utilized to grow fruits & crops throughout Egypt. Therefore, it wasn’t a brand new concept.

No Need for Pesticides:

Pest attacks are common in any field, as we all know. It is because every garden contains weak plants. These plants are highly susceptible to pests. Consequently, you should monitor your setup carefully. However, if the situation gets out of hand, you may need some pesticides. Here are some tips on how to get rid of them:

Pest identification

  • Changes in the environment can take care of some pests
  • by using gentle methods
  • Spray it down with a hose to disrupt its reproduction cycle
  • with natural solutions, particularly those that are safe
  • Use sticky traps to kill pests with short life cycles

Hydroponic plants can only be grown indoors:

Hydroponic systems can be located inside or outside, and are referred to as Outdoor Hydroponics and Indoor Hydroponics. Hydroponics is just another way to cultivate plants. The myth may be based on the idea that you can take better care of the inside than the outside.

Hydroponic agriculture is harmful to the environment:

There is nothing more eco-friendly than this gardening technique. In fact, if you’re a green warrior, you should choose this method. It doesn’t harm the environment. Traditional farming requires a lot of water for the usual gardening system, which causes the waste to end up in lakes, streams, and other water sources.

Hydroponic Agriculture is an artificial practice

Myths such as these need to be busted. The plant can grow at its own rate, so how can a system allowing them to grow artificially work? In fact, this system is more natural. Hydroponics works on the principle that you must provide the plants with all the nutrients they need to grow healthily. People are definitely involved in the construction of the setup, but only to the extent necessary.

Hydroponic systems simply provide plants with the essentials they need to survive. Water enriched with nutrients is the most important part of any setup. That’s all. Go Ahead!!

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