5 Incredibly Valuable Herbs That Can Cultivate at Home


Every Farming enthusiast has a few herbs on their bucket list that they would make sure to grow in their gardens at home. Herbs used for medicinal purposes or to prepare multiple delicacies are generally considered to be such herbs.

 Here are 5 such herbs that one must have in their garden:

Curry Leave Saplings

Nothing defines Indian food like a good and thorough tempering with mustard seeds and curry leaves, be it dal or any kind of curry. It isn’t a complete curry without the signature “Tadka” with curry leaves and mustard seeds. Thus, it is one of the most important tree saplings to have in one’s herb garden.


It is used in almost every homemade treatment for the common cold, no matter what kind of cold you have. Tulsi and honey are some of the most common homemade remedies for it. Aside from its cold-relieving properties, it can also be used to make various other delicacies.


The Indian Subcontinent is the perfect place to experience humid summer months when mosquitoes bite you where it’s hard to scratch, well if you were looking for an organic solution you don’t need to wait any longer as Rosemary repels mosquitoes effectively. It is a medicinal and aromatic plant that repels mosquitoes, cabbage moths, and carrot flies. Warm and dry temperatures are ideal for growing them, and they can be grown in containers easily.

Methi or fenugreek

In Hindi, it is commonly known as Methi; in Tamil, it is called Vendhayam. Whether it be Methi in dal curry or aloo methi sabji, it is used a lot in a variety of Indian dishes. Additionally, it can be used to reduce diabetes, lower cholesterol, act as an antacid, and also prevent hair loss.

Lemon balm

From infants to the elderly, this home remedy is used to relieve colic and upset stomachs. The leaves of lemon balm can also be chewed to freshen breath or crushed and applied to bug bites to relieve itching.

Stay tuned to Krishi World if you want to grow these herbs in your home garden, we will share a cultivation guide for them soon!

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