Tunnel Farming: A Unique Way to Boost Farm Productivity & Profitability!


Different types of farming have probably been mentioned to you, but have you ever heard of tunnel farming? As this type of farming will be required in the future, let me tell you about tunnel farming through this article. Moreover, doubling their income will be a benefit as well. 

Know What is Tunnel farming? 

The process of cultivating crops before or after their usual growing season and obtaining a high yield is called off-season farming. Seeds can be sown early or late. Under polythene sheets and artificial heat, summer crops are grown in the winter sun to ensure an early harvest. This process is known as tunnel farming.

Know What Is Meant By Off-Season Crop? 

The term ‘off-season crop’ refers to any fruit or vegetable that is cultivated and produced outside its usual growing season.

Soil Selection 

Vegetables grow best in sandy loam soil that has been well aerated. The pH of the soil should be around 6-7 and the organic matter content should be between 5% and 10%.

Site Selection

Some characteristics of a good site include being close to the road, having access to water, being free from animals, having few trees around it, and being some distance from a pedestrian path from where it can be easily maintained.

Tunnel Structure

  • The Tunnel structure depends on a budget of the farmer.
  • However, “U-shaped and inverted V-shaped” tunnels are considered the best.
  • They provide good resistance to damage caused by wind and rain.

Types of Tunnel

  • High Tunnel.
  • Medium & Walking Tunnel.
  • Low Tunnel

Selection of the Varieties for Tunnel Farming

  • Squash, cucumber, tomato, capsicum, bitter gourd & tomato are among the vegetables.
  • Watermelon & strawberry are among the fruits.
  • The tunnel successfully cultivates these fruits & vegetables.
  • Various seed companies provide seeds for this, which can be used to get a good yield.
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