Technico Transforming Potato Value Chain in India


Technico Agri Sciences Limited (a 100% subsidiary of ITC Ltd.) is an Agri-Biotech Company that produces and sells high-vigor seed potatoes based on its award-winning TECHNITUBER® Seed Technology.

TASL is India’s largest seed potato producer in the country catering to the requirements of the Farmers and processing Industry players. Technico has been multiplying and marketing CPRI’s Khufri varieties as well as own varieties.

With its alliances with Global Breeders, Technico has been launching its varieties catering to diverse agro-climatic zones as well as addressing emerging needs of the potato farmers in the country, with the help of its large Germplasm bank. The recently launched varieties are (TC1, TC3 & TC10) in the Crisp segment and in the Table segment, Amber Delight, Red Candy & T116.

Soundararadjane, S. Chief Executive Officer of TASL emphasized Technico’s focus in transforming the potato value chain right from delivering high-quality TECHNITUBER®, Early Generation Seed Potatoes to farmers and processors across segments, procurement of chips grade potatoes from farmers for the ITC’s Bingo chips and in retailing fresh potatoes under ITC’s Farmland brand with an exciting range of variants such as Natural Low Sugar Potatoes, Potatoes with Natural Antioxidant, and Colored Potatoes.
About Technico
The company was founded in March 1999 to produce high-yielding, early generation Seed Potatoes for export to India and the neighboring markets. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of ITC Ltd. The world’s biggest TECHNITUBER®seed production facility was developed in Himachal Pradesh in the same year, producing up to 18.00 million TECHNITUBER® seeds/year.

The seeds are being used to implement a limited three-year field seed multiplication program, which reduces the current field practices by four years.

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